Over 19 years of practice as a registered massage therapist has taught me that our bodies hold more of the answers to our healing than we may think.  If we take the time to listen to the body as a whole, it will often show us exactly what it needs.

My treatment style is precise. I use a well-integrated blend of myofascial and craniosacral assessments and techniques that often include some form of visualization, breathing or body awareness exercise. Becoming aware of and attuned to our bodies is an important step to opening communication with the tissues and providing the opportunity for growth and change.

I am passionate about helping people achieve and even exceed their personal health goals. Whether that's through working with me alone or by collaborating with complementary professionals in the community. Expect homework - your results will reflect your commitment to self care. My goal is to provide you with the tools you need to help maintain a healthy and pain free state of being. That means something different for everyone as our bodies, patterns and life experiences are all different. Each person needs a plan that is unique for their body.

My practice includes men, women and children of all ages, but I have a special interest in working with infants and mothers surrounding pregnancy.  After many years unraveling lifelong compounded tensions and traumas in adults, I am inspired to help babies get the best start to life possible.  

I spent 12 rewarding years owning and operating a busy downtown wellness centre while providing mentorship to newer therapists. After having 2 children, I have recently chosen a slower life pace that allows for walks to work along the river and more time with my young family. Come visit me at my new office on Beechwood!

Lifelong Learning

My work is my passion, my craft. I am constantly exploring and finding new ways to help people optimize their relationship with their bodies.


  • Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy) Assistant - 2001 - Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough ON
  • Massage Therapy Diploma - 2004 - Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough ON

Craniosacral Therapy

  • The Basics and More - 09/2013 - McKeel Seminar Group, Gary Keeling, Ottawa ON
  • Intermediate Level - 05/2014 - McKeel Seminar Group, Gary Keeling, Ottawa ON  
  • Subtle Hands-On Skills - 06/2014 - Carol Gray, Portland OR                                    
  • CST for Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum - 11/2014 - Carol Gray, Portland OR
  • CST for Infants - 03/2015 - Carol Gray, Portland OR
  • Pediatric CST Workshop -09/2016 - 6th CST Alliance Retreat, Portsmouth NH
  • CST Body-Mind Work - 06/2018 - Gary Keeling, Chelsea, QC
  • Advanced CST Multiple-Hands Treatment - 10/2022 - Gary Keeling, Ottawa ON

Yoga Teacher Training

  • 200hr - 10/2013 - Adishesha Yoga, Basia Going & Janice Tokaryk, Ottawa ON
  • Postnatal, Level 1 - 11/2014 - Little Lotus Yoga, Amanda DeGrace, Ottawa ON

Additional Training

  • The Abdominal Wall After Pregnancy & Diastasis Rectus Abdominis - 11/2020 - Diane Lee PT, Ottawa ON
  • Primitive Reflexes for Practitioners Workshop - 01/2023 - Yvette Halpin, Ottawa ON
  • Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training and Primitive Reflexes Level 1 - 09/2023 - Lori Westlake, Mississauga ON
  • Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training and Primitive Reflexes Level 2- 102023 - Lori Westlake, Mississauga ON
  • Understanding & Treating Suckling & Feeding Problems in Newborns & Babies - 01/2024 -Miranda Clayton Osteopath (UK)
  • Understanding & Treating Plagiocephaly in Infants - 01/2024 - Miranda Clayton Osteopath (UK) 
  • Understanding & Treating Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease in Newborns & Babies - 01/2024 - Miranda Clayton Osteopath (UK) 
  • Understanding & Treating Colic & Lower Gastro-Intestinal Tract Difficulties in Newborns & Babies -01/2024 - Miranda Clayton Osteopath (UK) 

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