Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

Also known as cranial sacral therapy or CST, this very gentle and effective modality has its roots in Osteopathy. It follows the principle that everything in the healthy body is connected and in motion. Using an extremely light touch, the therapist tunes into the subtle fluid motions of the body as a whole, and specifically, the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid which nourishes and protects the brain and spinal column. Restrictions in the body's deep connective tissues can interfere with this fluid rhythm and may present as discomfort, pain or illness.

The goal of craniosacral is to restore healthy movement and function of the body, and all of its parts and systems, by gently freeing restrictions in the connective tissues. CST is beneficial for anyone looking to improve their overall health and well-being (physical, mental and emotional), and specifically useful for trauma, concussions, TMJ/jaw problems, sleep or digestive issues, headaches, stress, pregnancy, postpartum, for newborns and infants and for children with autism spectrum disorder. 

Registered Massage Therapists can use craniosacral techniques in treatments to help calm stressed nervous systems and relieve deep under-lying body tensions.

Cranio with Krista

I absolutely love doing this work! It is such a great tool for identifying and relieving longstanding tensions that traditional massage treatments just can't access. I use craniosacral in almost all massage therapy treatments for both assessment and treatment as it helps me to listen to and communicate with your body as a whole. 

Craniosacral massage is all about the fluidity of the tissues and riding the tides. Just like an ocean's changing tide, there are points of beautiful stillness and change that occur during treatment leading to deep relaxation of the body and mind.

CST can be done fully clothed (in comfortable attire) or you are free to get cozy under the sheets as well.

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