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Registered Massage Therapy

RMTs are trained in a variety of manual techniques that can be used to evaluate and manipulate the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, connective tissues, ligaments and joints) in order to optimize function, mobility and overall health of an individual.

These techniques can be applied at different speeds, pressures and frequencies in order to achieve the goals set out by a therapist and their client.  Massage treatments are often classified by the types of techniques that are commonly used (i.e. deep tissue, swedish, myofascial, lymphatic). However, what works for one person, may not work for another, as our bodies and our histories are all different. Your therapist will always discuss your treatment goals with you and formulate a treatment plan specific to your personal needs and tissue health. More...

Craniosacral Therapy

Also known as cranial sacral therapy or CST, this is an extremely gentle and effective modality that has its roots in Osteopathy. It follows the principle that everything in the healthy body is connected and in motion. Using an extremely light touch, the therapist tunes into the subtle fluid motions of the body as a whole, and specifically, the rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid which nourishes and protects the brain and spinal column. Restrictions in the body's deep connective tissues can interfere with this fluid rhythm and may present as discomfort, pain or illness.

The goal of craniosacral is to restore healthy movement and function of the body and all of its parts and systems by freeing restrictions in the connective tissues. CST is beneficial for anyone looking to improve their overall health and well-being (physical, mental and emotional), and specifically useful for trauma, concussions, TMJ/jaw problems, sleep or digestive issues, headaches, stress, pregnancy, postpartum and for infants. More...

Prenatal (Pregnancy) and Postpartum Massage

Prenatal massage is focused on relaxation and the physical changes associated with pregnancy and birthing.  Pregnancy is a wonderful time to make subtle changes in a mother's body because of the hormone relaxin that is present. This hormone helps to loosen ligaments and joints to accommodate the growing baby and prepare the pelvis for birth.  Massage and craniosacral techniques can be used to gently mobilize restrictions in the body (ie. abdomen, diaphragm, pelvis) to optimize space for baby in utero and pelvic mobility for birthing. More...

Pregnancy massage can help relieve pain and fatigue often encountered in the lower back, neck, hips and legs as well as decrease swelling, carpal tunnel and restless legs symptoms.  It is also good for assisting in relaxation and promoting better sleep.

Postpartum treatments are useful in restoring healthy pelvic and core function after birth as well as helping mothers maintain good posture while caring for a new infant.  These treatments can include breast massage to help improve flow by decreasing congestion or blockages. More...

Infant Craniosacral Therapy and Massage

Birth and early life, while beautiful and amazing, sometimes come with complications.   Babies today are frequently being diagnosed with latching and feeding issues, tongue ties, colic, acid reflux, plagiocephaly (flat-head) and torticollis (wry-neck), among others.  Many of these conditions are functional impairments that play into each other, and can often be resolved by improving the mobility of the structures at issue. 

Using CST, we can gently help restore proper mobility and function to these tiny beings, as well as incorporate tools for parents to use when positioning and playing with baby.  Breastfeeding and milk supply issues often greatly improve once baby's tensions are relieved, allowing them to become more efficient.

The earlier we can correct these structural imbalances, the better, as they can interfere with feeding, sleeping and general growth and development. Craniosacral can also be helpful for babies who have sustained some form of birth trauma whether physical or emotional. More...

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Treatments almost always include homecare exercises and/or stretching.

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